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Violet Sky

Page 2

The sun sets a little further, and as the shadows grow longer, we see something begin to creep from out of them. Something almost the size of Violet but crawling, steadily, humanoid in shape but far from human.
This is The Haggard. A nearly pitch black entity of shadow and what looks like torn cloth, flowing in the wind around its many reaching arms. The Haggard advances slowly, with a slow crawl, hugging the ground.
Violet, still staring out at the sun, knows nothing of this dark creature slowly making its way towards her, stealthily. It reaches up for the Teddy Bear. Small tendrils of blue-white light, barely visible, emanate from the bear as The Haggard draws nearer to it with thin, skeleton-like fingers.

Page 4

Violet leaves her apartment to see a black trail disappear around a corner. The hallway is lit with orange through the windows of the setting sun as Violet runs. She sees The Haggard standing hunched in a window, taunting her with another snide grin, and mounts a fire escape ladder to the ground. Violet bolts for the ladder, her sneakers impacting the ground with thunderous force. Sliding down the ladder and landing gracefully, she keeps the creature in sight.

Page 10

Violet snaps back to reality and looks around to see if she can glimpse The Haggard anywhere on the roof. Night has fully fallen, and the multicolored neon lights of the city give little help, so she flicks on the flashlight. The beam searches around the vents and open fans. The Haggard remains in the shadows, clutching the Teddy Bear to its self as it bends its silhouette around the vents and air ducts to remain hidden.

Page 12

The chase continues across the rooftops of the city with Neon lights in the backdrop. Violet is leaping objects and ducking under clotheslines as she tries to keep up with the creature. The Haggard leaps between two rooftops and nearly crashes down into an alley where some burning garbage cans are encircled by homeless. It struggles on the edge of the building and pulls itself up. Violet makes the jump in a single bound.

Page 15

The Haggard senses her coming and stops devouring the memories from the Bear for a moment and goes on the move. Violet looks to the roof, to the rusted metal spires that reach up to the roof, to the scattered machinery and gears lying around on the floor of the warehouse. Violet is suddenly rocked by a blow from behind and stumbles forward, a ragged claw-shaped rip in the back of her shirt appears. She winces and turns around to flash the flashlight in the creature’s face. It wails with pain and escapes.

Page 17

Violet feels something fly past in the dark behind her, she turns around, and another slash from the dark lances across her arm like a burning blade, blood flies. She turns around and shines the light on the creature, the beam seems more focused, it slices through The Haggard’s form and an arm detaches. Violet runs, holding her arm to help with the small cut.

Page 19

Violet, still clutching her head, advances up the steps to the switch. She hears clattering underneath her. A slash across the back of her leg causes her to trip and smash into the metal steps, she crawls up trying to use the flashlight hand to drag her way up. The Haggard is coming up the steps behind her, standing on two legs like a man, arms draped like a halo of demonic wings in around it. Violet’s flashlight starts to dim.

Page 20

The Haggard chuckles and advances towards her, she turns, and plants her foot in its face, it is momentarily stunned. She crawls faster towards the switch, reaching up, fingertips brushing the end of the giant circuit-breaker handle. The Haggard enters the room as her hand wraps around the handle, and she pulls down. The light turns on in the control room, and the creature recoils in horror as the white light hits it.

Page 21

The Haggard retreats back into the main area of the warehouse and looks up to the ceiling, trying to find a way to escape. Another light ignites with a shower of sparks, the creature burns a little more. Another light turns on, then another. The Haggard writhes as the light dismantles him into a skeleton then to air. A cloud of dust settles on the floor, and the Teddy Bear lands amongst it.

Tim murray: writer, pages 1, 6, and 14
Thomas Collin: pages cover, 3, and 18
Tania Valdron: Pages 9, 11, and 22
Holly Yerkie: pages 5, 8, and 16
Sonya Somers: pages 7, 13

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